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Welcome to ON MISSION Insights Podcast. If you minister to students in any way--whether parent, pastor, teacher, coach, youth leader, etc.--this podcast is for you. Our aim is to provide valuable insight into the world of youth ministry, specifically, how to ignite students' passion for Jesus and their desire to share their faith and live ON MISSION.

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Aug 31, 2020

With so much difficulty and heartache in the world, it's easy to wonder where God is. If He truly is God, then why does he allow such evil to exist?

Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, talks with Jeff Bogue, president of CE National, as they discuss why God allows evil.

Aug 31, 2020

Why can't we all just get along? Often churches have viewed para-church organizations as competition; but it's possible to have a mutually beneficial relationship for the Kingdom of God between a church and a para-church organization! We’d like to help shine a light on how.

Eric Miller, director of ministry...

Aug 31, 2020

The trauma of abuse, in any form, can be devastating for victims, both when it occurs and well into the future due to the emotional scars that remain. However, there is hope in Christ for all people, including those who have suffered the trauma of abuse. Bethany Miller talks with Caryn Amandola. Caryn is a pastor's...

Aug 17, 2020

Eric and Bethany Miller and Eric and Vanessa Smith talk about singleness and dating in ministry.

Eric is the director of ministry operations for CE National and Bethany has a full-time, nonprofit career. Both Eric and Bethany are passionate about serving their communities and Jesus. They met through an online dating...

Aug 11, 2020

Pastors work hard, but don’t always get the results they want to see. Having a ministry coach can greatly help.

Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, talks with Ed Short, CE National’s ministry coach and consultant.

Ed is not only the ministry coach and consultant for CE National, he is also...