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Welcome to ON MISSION Insights Podcast. If you minister to students in any way--whether parent, pastor, teacher, coach, youth leader, etc.--this podcast is for you. Our aim is to provide valuable insight into the world of youth ministry, specifically, how to ignite students' passion for Jesus and their desire to share their faith and live ON MISSION.

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Jul 9, 2020

After Gen Z comes Generation Alpha. Born in 2010, most of Gen Alpha will remember the pandemic. Social distancing, face masks, and sheltering in place will have an effect on their development. In just a few short years, these kids will begin entering your student ministry.

Mel Walker, president of Vision For Youth, Inc. and youth pastor at Wyoming Valley Church in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, talks about how Covid-19 is impacting Gen Alpha and how you can be better prepared to meet them at the door of your youth room.