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Welcome to ON MISSION Insights Podcast. If you minister to students in any way--whether parent, pastor, teacher, coach, youth leader, etc.--this podcast is for you. Our aim is to provide valuable insight into the world of youth ministry, specifically, how to ignite students' passion for Jesus and their desire to share their faith and live ON MISSION.

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Aug 17, 2020

Eric and Bethany Miller and Eric and Vanessa Smith talk about singleness and dating in ministry.

Eric is the director of ministry operations for CE National and Bethany has a full-time, nonprofit career. Both Eric and Bethany are passionate about serving their communities and Jesus. They met through an online dating service when they were both in their late twenties. At the time, Eric had been the youth pastor at Grace Community Church in Frederick, Maryland for nearly a decade. Bethany was working in Manhattan and serving as part of the leadership team of a church plant on Long Island after recently returning to her faith. Their long-distance dating relationship was full of comical mishaps and led to Bethany re-locating to Maryland where they married seven years ago and have since welcomed two children, and continue to have their share of comical mishaps.

Eric and Vanessa have a passion for reaching the next generation for Christ. Eric serves as the family life pastor at Grace Church in Lanham, Maryland. Vanessa serves as the pre-calculus teacher and in administration at Lanham Christian School. Vanessa and Eric met when he was hired at the church. She didn’t attend the church, but she was the principal of the Christian school. They actually first met when she interviewed him to teach a couple classes for the school. They did not really talk or hangout much for the first year Eric was at the church, but slowly they started hanging out with a mutual group of friends. It didn’t take them long to start dating after they became friends. Their relationship started out really cautious, because they didn’t want to damage their ministry if things didn’t work out. So they dated for about two years, but didn’t really call it dating publicly for the first 6 months. They've been married for just over a year.